Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Yes, people have babies throughout the year, but did you know that the most popular birth months in the United States are July through October? That means there are a lot of baby showers that occur in the spring and summer.  If you need to buy a baby shower gift and need some ideas, we have you covered.  

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can wrapping paper be recycled
What about the tissue paper, gift bags and bows?  There are so many occasions throughout the year that we give gifts.  That means we are wrapping them!  Our landfills are filled with way too much wrapping paper and gift supplies because most people are not educated on the details of what can and can not be recycled.  This blog post will shed some light and teach you a few tricks while you are at it to better determine if your paper can be recycled.  I also found some great eco-friendly alternatives for you.  Pretty wrapping paper, ribbons, bags and tissue paper.  One even has built in seeds that you can plant and grow after it's wrapped!  Read on and let's do our part to help save our planet earth.  
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