Summer Wedding Season is Here. Great Gift Ideas for The Bride & Groom

Great gift ideas for the bride and groom

Summertime is wedding season, and who doesn’t love a good wedding? This summer is likely to see quite the spike in them too; many people didn’t get to throw the wedding of their dreams last summer. Your calendar may already be packed to the brim with wedding dates. However, weddings come with gifts. You can’t just buy any gift for a wedding, because the likelihood someone else bought the same gift is alarmingly high. To make sure no duplicates make their way to the gift table, make sure to buy unique and personal gifts. But first, there are three things you should think about when shopping for a gift. 

  1. Is it practical? The gift should be something they’ll use, like nice glassware, not something they’ll use maybe once. 
  2. Is it too wedding-specific? Never buy anything that says “Bride” or “Groom”, unless it’s a wedding shower. These gifts shouldn’t be given at the actual wedding, because once the honeymoon is over they’ll never use them again.
  3. Would at least one person of the couple use/like it? If you’re invited to their wedding, you likely know at least one of the two. Therefore, make sure you’re buying a gift that makes sense. For example, don’t buy the groom hunting gear if you know he's never gone hunting in his life. 

Here are some A+ gifts:

Champagne Flutes:

Glassware is a perfect wedding gift. It is something they’ll use for years, and who doesn’t love a good champagne toast. Rather than buying a whole set of regular champagne flutes, buying them a single pair of personalized ones has many benefits. They can use them as decor and for celebrations or holidays. There is no doubt they’ll be used. has nice ones that are made here in the USA.

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There is nothing better than a nice candle that smells good and is long-lasting. However, for how fast they burn through, candles can be quite expensive. Nice ones at least. That’s why they make wonderful wedding gifts. In addition, they’re probably one of the most practical gifts you can buy. Personalizing them is a great way to make them an even better gift. You can put their initials on them, the wedding date, or even their last name. The possibilities are endless.  CalicoHomeStudio has some nice ones.

personalized label on candle for bride and groom.  wedding gift ideas.

Personalized Dish Towels:

Every house needs an endless supply of dish towels. It is surprising how much a family can go through in a day. They’re not only practical, but they are good decorations for a home. You can personalize them in many ways: wedding anniversary, last name, monogram, or you can even buy a holiday set.  ElleJayeOnline Etsy shop is a great place to start.

wedding gift ideas.  personalized dish towel or kitchen towels.  great wedding gift idea.

Jewelry Storage:

Every bride will be gifted with endless amounts of jewelry. You could go the easy route and also buy her a nice pair of earrings, but why not buy her a place to store all of these new accessories? Jewelry dishes are such a cute gift that she is bound to use. There are also many different types: ceramic, glass, wooden, plastic. Try to pick one that fits in with the bride's style and aesthetic. You can also bring the gift to a whole new level by personalizing it with their initials or name.  ThePaintedPress Etsy shop has some nice ones to choose from.

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Probably the best gift out of all of these when it comes to practicality is coffee mugs. You can never have too many! If your bride and groom are crazy coffee drinkers, then mugs are a no-brainer. You can find an endless supply of companies that customize them in any way you want. You can simply do a monogram or anniversary date, or you could spice it up and put a cartoon of something they love on it. You could add the coordinates of their house, where they met, or even where they got engaged. If you know their first date or engagement story, you could put a cartoon reenactment on it. The possibilities are endless. Try to do something fun with them!  alittleuniqueuk has some fun wedding mugs.

personalized wedding mugs.  great wedding gift idea


Finally, coasters! Who doesn’t love a good coaster? Coasters are a perfect gift, and are so easy they often get overlooked. Buying the newlyweds a personalized set of them is a perfect gift if you don’t know the couple super well. They are inexpensive, easy, and practical.  JenniferCraftCorner has some nice ones on Etsy.

great wedding gift idea.  personalized coasters for bride and groom

There are so many great gifts out there for the bride and groom.  Hopefully these can spark some ideas.  Have fun at all of your summer weddings!