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Welcome To Disguise The Surprise®.  It's so nice to meet you.

My name is Duffy Hofer.  I made this product out of frustration every year around the holidays. I have two boys (now 12 and 15). If I were to wrap an iPhone, DVD or video game and put it under the tree, they would know exactly what it was purely based on the shape of the box.  I spent way too much time trying to disguise these smaller gifts inside a larger box so they would not know what it was.  I would tape down light items, stuff paper in a box or gift bag, something to make it a surprise.  But small items move around inside these larger items causing shaking and possible damage.

Out of this frustration and need, I made my own prototype to solve this problem for people who want easy solutions that don't take up a lot of time.  People can now buy a Disguise The Surprise set of dividers to create a unique gift box that is tailored to the size of their gift.  The set holds it in place (stopping movement) and also creates multiple compartments to place additional items.  Great for baby showers, gift cards, graduation, roll up money....endless possibilities!

Anyone giving jewelry as a gift will run into this problem as well.  Use the basic kit, or use the option with the 8 square boxes to disguise the gift and make it even more personal.  Fill each box with her/his favorite things, creating a gift opening experience tailored specifically for that person in mind.  Get creative!

OUR MISSION is to provide an easy and customizable way to disguise a gift. A way to make gift giving a fun and memorable experience for both the giver and the receiver. Made in the USA, recyclable and reusable.

Click here to watch a video by Duffy Hofer about Disguise The Surprise.