Welcome To Disguise The Surprise®.  It's so nice to meet you.


Hello!  My name is Duffy.  As a mom of two teenage boys, I got frustrated when wrapping gifts.  As they got older, the gifts they wanted came in very recognizable shaped boxes (cell phone, video game, wireless headphones).  I spent too much time trying to come up with ways to disguise the box to make it more fun for everyone.  

Out of this frustration, I designed a new concept in gift-packaging.  Disguise The Surprise is a set of dividers that you arrange around a single gift to disguise or highlight in a shirt box, or create sections to fill the entire box with gifts tailored to the recipient's interests.  Busy moms can disguise a gift in under 1 minute (can I get a woot-woot)!  Save time, and your kids think you are cool.  It truly is a fun way to fool someone.  If you hand someone a shirt box, they think they are getting clothing.  When they lift the lid and see what's really inside, that is where the excitement comes in! 

I designed the dividers out of my need to disguise, but quickly realized the dividers can be used to create some amazing multi-item gift boxes.  Instead of throwing all of your gift items in a bag, the dividers allow you to customize your layout to create a special gift box for any occasion...Baby Showers, Valentine's Day, Christmas, College Care Box, Graduation, Halloween, Bridesmaid Proposal, Coach or Teacher gift, Bar/Bat Mitzvah's...anything!

The dividers are REUSABLE, Recyclable & Made in The USA.  Keep a set in your house that you can use over and over again. Store with all your gift wrapping supplies.  If you make a box for someone, say a baby shower, give the divider set as an add-on to her gift.  It's now hers to make her own gift-giving memories.

For so many years we have packaged our gifts the same way.  But now we have another option.  An innovative option that will make our gifts more personal and more memorable.   

MY MISSION is to get people to rethink HOW they give a gift.  To think about not just the gift itself, but HOW they can continue the excitement with their packaging.  

Happy Gift-Giving!