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Welcome To Disguise The Surprise®.  It's so nice to meet you.

My name is Duffy Hofer.  I made this product out of frustration every year around the holidays. I have two boys (now 13 & 15). As they started getting older, the gifts they want come in very recognizable shaped boxes (cell phone, video game, wireless headphones).  I spent too much time trying to come up with ways to disguise the box to make it more fun.  

Out of this frustration and need, I decided to design a product to solve this problem for people.  We moms in particular don't have extra time on our hands...give me something to make my life easier and save me time!   Well, now you can.

Disguise The Surprise is a set of dividers that you arrange around your one special item in a shirt box to disguise OR use the dividers to make your own multi-item gift box.  I designed the dividers out of my need to disguise, but through the process realized how much fun it is to make your own multi-item gift box!  No more sticking gift cards in an envelope.  Go that extra mile and put together a gift box for someone.  Put their favorite candy in there, hair ties, football cards...some of their favorite things.  The dividers allow you to assemble a beautiful presentation for your gift.  They will be so touched by the effort you put to make this box for them.  Your packaging really does make a difference.  

This is a new concept, and I am super excited to share it.  The dividers are Reusable (awesome!), Recyclable & Made in The USA.  The dividers are an eco-friendly gift wrapping solution.  Gift bags only get a few uses and then have to be thrown away.  You can use these dividers over and over again with the durability of the material.  Every little bit helps.

This gift wrapping system is perfect for any occasion throughout the year.  Keep a set in your house that you can use over and over again. Store with all your gift wrapping supplies.  If you make a box for someone, say a baby shower, give the divider set as an add-on to her gift.  It's now hers to make her own gift box memories.

OUR MISSION is to get people to rethink HOW they give a gift.  Make it easy to disguise a gift and create a memorable experience for both the giver and the receiver.  

Click here to watch a video by Duffy Hofer about Disguise The Surprise.