Elevate Your Gift-Giving with Thoughtful Touches

Whether seeking to conceal a special gift in a shirt box or curate a personalized multi-item present, Disguise The Surprise Gift Box Dividers empower you to elevate your gift-giving game. Our innovative dividers allow you to create unique and memorable experiences for your loved ones, leaving them guessing until the very last moment.

With Disguise The Surprise Gift Box Dividers, you can:

Conceal a single gift: Transform a simple shirt box into an intriguing mystery, leaving the recipient guessing what lies within.

Create personalized gift boxes: Design one-of-a-kind gift boxes tailored to the recipient's interests and preferences.

Express your thoughtfulness: Add a touch of personalization and creativity that makes your gifts truly special.

Disguise The Surprise Gift Box Dividers are a gateway to creating unforgettable gift-giving experiences that will be remembered for years to come. Join us in redefining the art of gift-giving and let your creativity shine through.

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Disguise The Surprise Dividers can create countless customizeable configurations for uniquely unforgettable gifts!

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I purchased Disguise The Surprise for my Mother-in-law for Christmas. I got her a bracelet, and wanted to hide it in a way so that she wouldn't guess what it was. She was

totally shocked! Along with the bracelet, I had some other goodies in there for her as well! And even better news is it's also reusable! Highly recommend this product!

Jenifer S.

With teenagers, it's not always easy disguising their surprises, but this Christmas, I was able to do just that. Disguise the Surprise is such a clever, creative way to make gift-giving fun for all ages! Easy to use and easy to store, it's my new go-to gadget for gift giving!

Meghan P.

This was a fun way to package gifts! I usually give my wife lotion as one of her gifts for Christmas. This year I put two bottles of lotion and chocolate covered caramels in the Disguise the Surprise box. She had no idea what she was getting in the package. Great that it's reusable, so I'm thinking of new things I can hide!

Dave C.

This is the perfect solution to an age old problem of keeping a surprise a secret until unwrapped. Incredibly well made, will last a very long time, and so many different ways to use the system. My son wanted an expensive gift and would have known right away what it was, instead, he was opening up a box he was sure was just another shirt. So happy I could surprise him! I love the idea of making smaller sections within the box to hide treats and other items. Everyone needs a few of these, simply perfect!

Katrin K.

I used the dividers to gift a pair of Airpods this Christmas. It was not only fun to watch my child open the gift, completely thinking that it was another boring article of clothing, but it was also fun to see their interest in the dividers themselves. I'll use the Disguise the Surprise dividers for years to come. The dividers are super easy to use, and the durable and space-saving box the product comes in, stores easily with my wrapping supplies.

Lesley H.

Los Angeles, CA


I don’t know who had more fun, my kids opening their surprises on Christmas morning or me packaging them. It was so much fun arranging several fun items for my daughter’s box, and also coming up with the clever way to give gift cards to my son. My daughter said, “ Wow! This is so fun”! My son’s eyes got big and looked totally surprised. Thank you for making the packaging and opening more fun and unique for all of us! Big hit!

Angela C.

This was such a fun present to open at Christmas! I wasn't expecting all the little surprises in one box. The little boxes made it even more fun. What a cute idea!

Gabi C.

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