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Cell Phone

Turn the phone vertical or horizontal.  See which layout you like best.  Fill in other sections with small gifts if you like.

Multiple Gifts

Use the dividers to create your own multi-item gift box! Gift cards, jewelry...Add more excitement with small things. Roll up money, candy...anything!

Video Game

Use the risers to lift the thin item.  Or use a big puffy bow to make up the height difference.  

Long Jewelry Box

Use the risers to lift the item if it is thin.  Or use a puffy bow to make up for the height difference.  

Use Tissue Paper

Place a piece of tissue paper in the box before you put the assembled set inside if you like for presentation.

Baby Gift

Arrange all of your baby gifts inside the box.  Roll up some onesie's, booties, a rattle, teether, bib, fun!

Gift Card

Perfect way to package a gift card. Wrap inside a smaller box as shown here, or simply place inside a divided section.  Add other items if desired.

Square Jewelry or Wireless Headphones With Mixed Colors

Any jewelry size box will work and popular wireless headphones too!  Lay horizontal or vertical.  Purchase 2 set colors so you can mix & match like shown here in red & white.

8 Small Boxes

This is a separate option to purchase.  Number the boxes and put something different in each box.  Place cotton in box to lift small items. Great for jewelry and multiple gifts.


Use the risers if it is a thin book.  Use buffer pieces if you have any extra space around the item to stop it from moving.

Men's Tie & Socks

You can use the outer frame of the set to create longer side by side areas for items like tie's and socks.  

Valentine's Day

Celebrate V-Day either by disguising your one jewelry item, or create a fun box! Add socks, chocolates, bath bomb...anything!